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Love That Feeling PolyRhythm ReWork
Don't hurt
La Viajera Original Mix
Dance Some More (2012 PolyRhythm Future Mix
Usher-OMG (polyRhythm Re-Touch)
Mr. V Put Your Drink Down (Poly Rhythm Re-Rub)
Carambatuba PolyRhythm Bootleg


The PolyRhythm movement welcomes everyone that feels clubs have lost that "openness" and "hospitality" that makes everyone let loose. Sans pretentiousness, our goal is too set the tone for a new-age young crowd looking for club authenticity yet, we want to amplify what a great party should be. Whether you come in your shirt and blazer or sneakers and baby powder, just let yourself go and experience a freedom of expression like no other.

PolyRhythm is a movement that focuses on urban cultures & quality music. PolyRhythm literally means "many rhythms" from Soul/Funk/Afro-Beat/Latin/ House/Tech House/Deep House and everything in between. DJ/Producers David Jonez and Val Carrique originally created the name for their New York based party in 2007. Having built a strong following in many clubs throughout the New York-New Jersey area, they became known as the "PolyRhythm boys" by their many supporters.

Currently, in their early twenties, they are already seasoned veteran DJ's who started DJing local parties at 14 years old. The New Jersey based duo played mostly played mainstream, Hip Hop and Reggae until discovering New York's vibrant underground club scene at the age of 18 where they immediately fell in love with House Music. In addition to their wildly popular PolyRhythm events in the US, they have become in demand DJ's playing alongside world renowned artists. Their touring schedule has steadily increased with international and domestic dates. Their varied musical influences have also led to their natural progression as cutting edge music producers. Their productions are as varied as their DJ Sets. They strive by the age old adage of quality without being confined to a certain genre.


Original Productions

  • Sal y Agua EP - Cirka Music (2013)
    • El Boracho
    • Sal y Agua
    • Don't Need
  • Better Days- Sole Channel Music (2012)
  • Holdin' On- Melomania Records (2012)
  • Gettin' Loose ft. Dj Basil - Soul Sun Soul (2012)
  • Reach Out- Collaboration with MKTL- Defected (2012)
  • Force of Nature ft Jah Rainey- Soul Sun Soul (2012)
  • Afro Cuba- Muzik 4 Tomorrow (2011)
  • You in Mind ft. A.Salih - Offering Recordings (2011)
  • El Tambor EP- Seed Recordings (2010)
    • El Tambor
    • Charrua
  • So Rare ft. Jaquita- NewLite Muzik (2010)
  • Digital Project- First Date (PolyRhythm Remix) Clubland Records(2013)
  • Stefan Grunwald- Anytime is House Time Clubland Records (2013)
  • Ambrosia- Brand New Love- MK Records (2012)
  • Phumy- I'm Losing my Mind- Herbal 3 Records (2012)
  • Shatti- Thinking abut you (PolyRhythm Remix)- Melomania Reords (2012)
  • Phuture Disco Phunk- Fill Your Cup (PolyRhythm Remix) Launch Music
  • Priss- On my Way (PolyRhythm Remix)- Offering Recordings (2011)
  • Mangesto- Love Like This (PolyRhythm Remix) Seed Recordings (2011)
  • Dragonfly- Mahal Kita Binago (PolyRhythm Deep Luv Mix) (2011)

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Frequencies of Offering Follow
June 21 2013
February 5, 2013
Global Mix Radio (Rhythm Sundays)
January 1, 2013
September 5, 2012
Music Sanctuary Greece Mix
August 5, 2012
Digital Culture Show
July 5, 2012
Gruv 4 Japan
June 5, 2012
House Boutique Radio
May 5, 2012
Frequencies of Offering May 2011
April 5, 2012
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October 2010
February 5, 2012
WMC 2010 Warmup
January 5, 2012
Personal Jesus

"wicked beats, dubbed out vocals and a clever breakdown that makes you feel like your surrounded by palm trees and mojito's"- Miguel Migs

"Been playing the original mix for close to a year and still rock it all the time. Loving the new Mr V and Deep in Havana mixes"- Master Kev

Also Charted by Duce Martinez, Jose Marquez, N'Dinga Gaba, Dj Spen and Many More!

"So Rare" Review on Spirit Of House

Newlite Muzik celebrate their long awaited return with "So rare", a gorgeous production courtesy of PolyRhythm aka Val Carrique and David Jonez who present their breathtaking debut release "So rare" featuring seductive vocals from songstress JaQuita alongside celestial keys over a deep thrilling groove. The deeper than deep 'Afro Dub' is the choice pick for prime time play thanks to mesmerizing synth melodies. Essential.

Polyrhythm - So Rare feat. JaQuita (Original Mix)

Featured on Subliminal Essentials House Calls Mixed By Rony Seikaly

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